1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick – Luka Rocco Magnotta

March 12, 2019 at 10:26 am

Born Eric Clinton Newman, occasionally using the alias Vladimir Romanov and many others, Luka Magnotta is more notoriously known as the killer in 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick.

Even before the infamous video for which he is known, he was rumored to be the deranged killer in at least two other videos.

One of them, in December of 2010, featured Magnotta placing two kittens into a large plastic bag which he then attached a vacuum cleaner to. He sucked all of the air out of the bag and watched and filmed as the kittens slowly suffocated. This one is most widely known as 1 Boy, 2 Kittens.

Full video can be seen here.

Less known by a viral name, his next video surfaced in November of 2011 and featured him feeding a live kitten to a Burmese python. Yet another shows a cat taped to a broomstick and mercilessly drowned in a bathtub.

Needless to say, it was already believed he had a major proclivity for killing.

The last one, however, is what he’s most known for. Not-so-affectionately referred to as 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick, it is one of the closest things to a snuff film that the internet has ever seen. Only The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs comes anywhere close. But even it was less staged for the cameras than just filmed by the killers.

The video was posted on May 25, 2012 to a Canadian-operated shock/gore web site.

This video is long in comparison to the norm in this genre; over ten minutes. As a result, the description of it here will get pretty wordy.

The video opens with the song “True Faith” by 80s band New Order playing in the background. It wasn’t in the background at the scene, but dubbed in. The view we have is from the foot of a bed. A nude man is bound to it by the wrists and ankles. His face seems to be covered, there’s a Casablanca movie poster on the wall behind and above him, and a Caucasian male stands to the right of the frame. The lighting isn’t the best in the world, and the camera quality is likewise lacking.

The nude man tied to the bed is believed to be Lin Jun (sometimes referred to as Jun Lin, Patrick Jun Lin, and Justin Lin), a Chinese student who was studying in Montreal Canada.

We see the figure, dressed in black, approach the bed slowly. He then puts his left knee onto the bed. He reaches down, seeming to check Lin’s breathing, and touches his face.

At the 15-second mark, the video then cuts to Magnotta now sitting on the man’s chest, facing away from the camera. At this point, the average viewer wondered if the man was dead. But then his right wrist moves a bit.

Luka’s arms are moving, but it’s unclear what he’s doing. Not even ten seconds later, he climbs back off. Immediately after he does, our question is answered; Lin is alive. He moves his arms, head and legs – all he can move.

At the 52-second mark, Magnotta picks up the camera and takes us in for a closer look. Any curiosity as to the degree with which Lin’s face or head were covered, is satisfied.

The video then cuts and returns at the one-minute mark. Lin has been moved to the far left side of the bed. But the most noticeable change in the scene is that his wrists and ankles are no longer bound.

Lin’s right arm is now laying its lower half over his lower chest.

Any question as to whether this is a kinky tryst or a crime occurring are alleviated when Magnotta comes back into frame at the 1-minute, 7-second mark, and just one second later, plunges the now-infamous ice pick into Lin’s chest. Lin doesn’t move a muscle.

Magnotta then, as if he hadn’t before this moment, goes absolutely full-blown psycho. He, standing beside the bed, begins to plunge the ice pick into Lin’s body many, many, many times.

With only slight hesitations, to debate placement of his jabs, Luka proceeds to stab Lin’s body with a vengeance. His actions don’t strike me as someone doing it out of said vengeance, but more as a quite hysterically methodical procedure…and nearly nonstop.

He stabs the body forty-five times in the upper abdomen. He then moves to Lin’s chest, and possibly his face, and stabs maniacally another forty-nine times before moving back to his upper abdomen for another seven piercing blows.

At the 2-minute, 25-second mark, after stabbing Lin’s body an astounding one hundred times, Magnotta again picks up the camera. He walks over to the body to show a closer view of the damage his tirade caused.

The camera then pans down to Lin’s legs, where we see an apparent steak knife come into view and begin to slice; not back and forth, but backward, lifted, and then repeated a few inches from the previous spot. He slices 9 times on Lin’s right leg, and then moves to his right arm. There, he slices once on the forearm, twice on the bicep, and then brings the camera in for another close-up before giving the leg another slice.

Magnotta then shows another peek of Lin’s face, before turning the camera to the Casablanca movie poster on the wall above the bed, and then back down to various parts of Lin’s body.

At the 3-minute, 48-second mark, there’s another cutaway before the camera then shows the even more macabre – if that’s even possible. It shows Lin’s now-severed head. Magnotta is moving it around, presumably to show that it’s indeed severed and disembodied – not to mention quite real. He seems to be playing with it, moving it around by the hair.

The shot then cuts again and returns with Lin’s body now on its front. His upper right arm and torso is in the frame. There’s already a gash there, as Magnotta then begins to methodically saw back and forth in an obvious attempt to remove the arm. Seventeen seconds later, he again pauses to admire his handiwork.

After a few seconds, he moves the camera up to show Lin’s back, buttocks and legs, before beginning to slice into his back.

He takes three long swipes near each other and then debates his next slice. He then turns the knife perpendicular to its previous direction and slices across Lin’s lower back a couple of times. He then pauses yet again to get a good shot of it.

At the 5-minute, 5-second mark, the camera then takes up another recording. It’s now located near Lin’s waist and we can see that his right arm has since been completely severed from his body.

As if taunting Lin’s previous existence, he uses his now-deceased lover’s hand in an even more sickening display of complete and utter disconnect with reality and decency. Magnotta has now picked up the limb by the forearm and is using its hand to fondle his own crotch – first from the outside of his clothing, and then with his pants lowered.

A few moments later, the video cuts to yet another view. Both of Lin’s arms and his right leg have been completely removed. His left leg appears to be just short of severed, being cut most the way through.

Magnotta then lowers the camera to focus on the end of what used to be Lin’s right leg. Its femur jutting out prominently.

Only moments later, Magnotta moves to the only remaining limb and begins to slice at it.

At the 6-minute, 16-second mark, the even more unthinkable occurs. Magnotta begins to commit sodomy and necrophilia on Lin’s lifeless shell. It is at this point that we realize that the video has sound aside from the song in the background, as his dog barks, growls and whimpers while he’s performing this unspeakable act.

Magnotta’s tell-tale bangs hang from beneath his dark hoodie as he continues to defile Lin’s body for approximately twenty seconds.

He pokes a fork into Lin’s left buttock and begins to cut with the knife. It’s as if he’s preparing to enjoy a steak, with just as little forethought.

His dog, looking to be just a puppy, continues gnawing and pulling near the edges of the leg’s skin, as we hear Magnotta sneeze twice off-camera.

The next shot, again, shows the shot that started the last segment; Lin’s body on its front, the view focused on his back and buttocks. A few moments later, Magnotta’s hand comes into frame wielding a wine bottle. He uses that bottle to further sodomize Lin’s lifeless corpse.

He then uses Lin’s severed arm to fondle himself yet again.

This continues for around fifteen seconds as the video then cuts to eight still photos showing Lin’s defiled and lifeless body and various former parts thereof.

On June 4, 2012, Magnotta was found in an Internet café in Berlin, Germany. At the time of his capture, he was, unsurprisingly, viewing news stories about himself.

At first, he wouldn’t admit who he was, but he was ultimately identified by his fingerprints.

On June 18, 2012, Magnotta was extradited to Canadian authorities.

On April 12, 2013, Magnotta was indicted for first degree murder, offering indignities to a human body, distributing obscene materials, using the postal service to distribute obscene materials, and criminal harassment.

His trial started in September of 2014.

In late December of 2014, Luka Magnotta was found guilty of first-degree murder, criminal harassment (of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and others), mailing obscene and indecent material, committing an indignity to a body, and publishing obscene materials.

He was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for at least 25 years.