Death Addict

The Hillside Stranglers

June 9, 2019 at 7:44 am

The Hillside Stranglers were two cousins who lived in California and were active serial killers during the period 1977-1978. They killed a total of 10 victims. Their names were Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono.

They were both very good looking and successful with women to whom they referred as “Broads”. Both of them had an extreme hatred for “Broads” and they liked to torture and kill them. Angelo was older than Kenny and more dominant. What they would do is they would impersonate law enforcement officials.

They carried badges and insignia and they had a red light in their car to pull women over. They then would tell the “Broad” that she was under arrest and take her to Angelo’s house which doubled as an auto upholstery shop. Here they would hold them for days and torture and kill them.

After they would kill a “Broad” they would transport the dead corpse into the hills of Los Angeles and look for a hillside. In this way they showed that they had pride in what they were doing. They would place the body in a suggestive way on the hill so that all could see it. They did this to terrorize the community.

Kenny had also rented an office space and had cards made up that said he was a PhD psychologist. He advertised and many women came in to see him. Angelo always had many beautiful women chasing after him and he produced many children from his wife.

At times he would beat his wife and sexually assault his children. Kenny also had a child. Kenny also would work as a security guard where he would steal while he was on the job. Just to be a prick and to show the Police how truly stupid and inept they were Kenny would go on “ride – alongs” with the police and even applied to become an officer.

He was denied because anybody with an IQ above 25 could tell that Kenny was a bullshitter and a complete fucking mental case. He fooled a great deal of people and bullshitted his way through most of his life, relying on his good looks to get away with anything – just like Ted Bundy did.

They also ran a prostitution ring and were very successful at this endeavor. In person they were very nice people but they just could not stop their behavior and had an addiction to killing. Angelo was very talented at fixing cars and his business was popular.

He could fix the carpets and the interiors with great skill. Sometimes they killed prostitutes but they also stalked anybody they saw on the bus stop or some fool just meandering down the street.

They mostly killed white women but they did kill at least one black woman.