Can I Watch Videos on Death Addict or is it Illegal?!

February 22, 2020 at 6:35 pm

Short answer is that watching videos on Death Addict, or any other similar website won’t land you in any legal trouble whatsoever, things are a bit different when it comes to using the site as a registered user, leaving comments, and uploading videos, though.

Sites like Death Addict mostly show the same kind of videos you will see on the news or on YouTube. The only difference is that they’re broadcast in their uncensored form. Meaning: all the blood and the gory bits are there — so naturally you have to be at least 18 years of age or older to even enter the website, let alone watch something.

These websites work in the same way as YouTube does and they cannot expose your IP address to third-parties by design. No one but the website owner can see who opened what page, and those logs are mostly kept for a short period of time only. Moreover, merely clicking on a link isn’t illegal in itself.

Apart from being used to share videos from various accidents or conflicts — sites like Death Addict also get their fair share of viral videos that were shot by random bystanders. More often than not, they’re of a politically sensitive nature, and one needs to be careful about what kind of comments they leave on such videos, especially if it’s under their own name.

Like we previously stated: Using the website isn’t illegal, but you might get into trouble with your employer, should they find your profile (along with your comments) so one should be mindful about what they post under their name on sites that provoke raw discussion about sensitive subjects.

Uploading videos on Death Addict (and elsewhere) is a process during which the IP address of the uploader (meaning you) is saved into the site’s database, along with the time and date. That information can later be used to identify the person who uploaded the video.

Having said that, using any website as a registered user does expose your email and IP address to the site’s administration which could then be revealed to law enforcement in case you share or do something illegal.